The client portal is especially nice! The best experience for my clients I’ve tried.

There are three set subscription tiers, plus a top-end custom priced tier for businesses with more than 500 clients. FreshBooks is a Canadian cloud accounting suite that dedicates itself to serving freelancers, sole traders, microbusinesses and growing small businesses.

Then they created a new version of freshbooks that still remained America focused and still completely ignored the needs of the European market. Not only that, but the new version put more importance on ‘looking pretty’ rather than making the software any better.

You can’t specify a project on an invoice, but you can, of course, bill clients for the hours worked and expenses incurred. When you select a client in an invoice that has either of those items, you’ll see them in the list of items that drop down. You click Add to include it on the invoice, and the option to identify these as specific project hours appear there. Both Time Entries and Projects can be automatically converted to invoices.

It is obvious Freshbook is transforming from an invoicing tool into a merchant. But we have our own merchants including popular paypal (it looks like won’t be supported soon at Freshbook) and all we want is to keep what we came here for – invoicing.

I complained many times to their customer service staff who they call ‘rockstars’. But to no avail. Their ‘rockstars’ don’t really have the x-factor. I’ve been using Freshbooks since 2012. I’ve stuck with it because the functionality suited me and the kind of creative business I’m in – even though my accountants have always complained about it.

Another thing is considerably good at is managing billing history. It offers a wide range of features to keep track of past and current invoices. For instance, you can quickly pull out any unpaid invoices from past months. There’s also a convenient feature that sends automatic overdue payment reminders to your clients.

An upgrade to Plus, which costs $25 per month, gives you access to the rest of FreshBooks’ features, such as proposals, recurring invoices and payment reminders. It also lets you add up to 50 billable clients.

  • We started with Freshbooks Classic back in 2016.
  • It will cost us lot (more then triple yearly fee I figure) to move data, set and tune a new API invoicing tool.
  • The apps also allow you to stay in touch with clients and keep an eye on outstanding/paid invoices.
  • Over the years, its growth in many areas has made it the go-to online accounting service for sole proprietors and startups.
  • Freshbooks is popular among businesses for streamlining client invoicing and time tracking processes.
  • Daily view is perfect if you want to focus on adding a new time entry because it shows you a list of your logged hours and projects.

FreshBooks review: Slick, but shallow

FreshBooks can process credit card payments through integration with either one of its payment gateway options. It currently offers FreshBooks Payments powered by Stripe for international transactions and FreshBooks Payments powered by WePay for clients in the United States and Canada. The Select plan is best for users with more than 500 billable clients. Its features include customized training, super low credit card transaction rates, easy QuickBooks and Xero integrations, and a dedicated account manager. Those interested may contact the provider to request more details or a demo.

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Ratings and Reviews

It offers more developed features, more integrations, and strong security. QuickBooks Online is ideal for small businesses wanting strong accounting and features.

We decided to reach out to Freshbooks customer service back in May / June. After a long and strenuous phone conversation with the customer service representative (let’s call him MJ), as well as email correspondence, all parties involved agreed that we would downgrade the account to Freshbooks Lite option, which would provide us with access to our invoices as needed, and a single user login (which is what we have been doing since January).

FreshBooks’ cheapest plan, Lite, costs $15 per month, and it unlocks most features you’ll need, such as invoicing, expenses, online payments, time tracking and estimates. If you have five billable clients or less, this plan is enough for you to run your business. With the FreshBooks Extension in Dropbox, you can simplify how you track your business expenses.

All the choices are laid out in front of you. Each invoice includes the clients billing address, date of issue, due date, invoice number, amount due, description, rate, quantity and total including taxes/discounts. Freshbooks is constantly adding and updating the features of their platform to continuously improve its functionality.

This is a popular feature within and I understand the importance of getting this resolved. IN RESPONSE TO REPLY BELOW – no resolution – was just told that it’s not something they can fix, blame PayPal and my bank for selecting random expenses not to import – it worked well for a while but please don’t waste your time on this software, there are better and more professional options out there. This is a review of our experiences with Freshbooks that has been copied and pasted onto every platform where these types of reviews are appropriate. Our goal is to make this review as visible as possible, and to let people know why we are a DETRACTOR to Freshbooks as a business. Great experience for my small business.