Kunis, Timberlake bring sexy straight back in ‘Friends With Advantages’

Kunis, Timberlake bring sexy straight back in ‘Friends With Advantages’

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By ROGER MOORE, Orlando Sentinel 23, 2011 – 3:32 PM july

Mila Kunis seems the necessity to set the record right.

Yes, she ended up being sharing a love that is steamy with Justin Timberlake inside their intercourse comedy “Friends With Benefits, ” which launched on the weekend. Yes, she knew Timberlake’s reputation as a lady-killer, from Britney to Fergie, Alyssa Milano, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel and perhaps Olivia Wilde.

And, yes, she dozed down in the center of said scene that is sexy. But she can explain.

” What occurred, and just exactly what began this rumor that is wonderful ended up being we had been by the end of, like, a 17-hour or 20-hour workday, ” Kunis states. ” It had been a scene where Justin needed to kiss my neck, or possibly my straight straight back. And my face had been turned from the digital digital digital camera. “

Timberlake pipelines up, “We had been inserts that are doing small cut-in shots, at the conclusion of your day. “

“You literally just see my neck and perhaps my locks, ” Kunis continues.

“The digital digital camera’s on me personally and her back, ” Timberlake adds.

“But Justin had taken a nap in the day, it was going to be a long one, at lunchtime, ” Kunis continues because he knew. “and I also had not. I did not. “

“You require your naps, ” Timberlake helpfully adds.

“then when we discovered if it would be OK if I closed my eyes for a minute, ” Kunis says that I wasn’t going to be seen on camera, I very politely asked. “we think you need to inform your co-star when you are planning to rest in the exact middle of a scene. Being the gentleman and wonderful co-star he went, ‘Oh, certain. That he’s, ‘”

“Then? ” Timberlake gallantly offers.

“Apparently, we shut my eyes for an excellent 20 moments. Good power nap that is little. The next thing i am aware, I get up at ‘Cut! ‘ as well as the scene has ended. “

Which is just just just exactly how rumors begin, and also this is the way you quash them. No, Timberlake isn’t so boring within the clenches which he sets Hollywood hotties to rest. Kunis, such as for instance a good co-star, sticks up on her behalf guy. And Timberlake jokingly plays down the truth that Kunis utilized a body double in a couple of scenes, helping to make Kunis break about precisely how much Mila-age she will flaunt in a provided film.

“It had been crucial for me personally become dealing with a lady who was simply likely to be witty, because we share all this work banter into the film, ” Timberlake describes. “contemporary, intimate but in a position to make fun of by herself while the concept of making love with a buddy. ” Which can be, needless to say, exactly just exactly what that phrase “friends with benefits” means.

“We wished to be self-effacing about precisely what is our generation, specially when it comes to intercourse, ” Timberlake states.

The 30-year-old Memphis native, an ‘N Sync singer turned solo pop music star turned film actor, claims, “The enormous accessibility of intercourse today has most likely made us sluggish, in terms of actual human being behavior. I do believe the expression “friends with benefits” means we are more accepting of our mediocrity. We do not like to agree to getting nearer to someone of this sex that is opposite getting to understand them because they actually are. “

Kunis, 27, the “That ’70s Show” veteran at the moment breaking away in movies, does not look at kind of intimate openness that their comedy papers as an optimistic, either.

“we think individuals figure they are able to speak about intercourse more, but I’m not sure if that makes us more advanced than previous generations, ” she claims.

Their films a year ago — his change in “The myspace and facebook” as Napster co-creator and Facebook backer Sean Parker and her much-lauded work opposite Oscar-winner Natalie Portman in “Black Swan” — switched them to mydirtyhobby mobile the giant screen’s teaming that is hottest associated with summer time.

Playboy mag called Timberlake “the dude that is coolest the earth. “

And compliment of her choice to just accept a combat vet’s invitation to a aquatic Corps Ball, Entertainment Weekly countered that Kunis had been now “officially the celebrity that is coolest the earth. “

Will cool translate to heat that is big-screen “Friends With Benefits”? Perhaps, but which wasn’t precisely the objective. These people were out to puncture Hollywood’s standard-issue intercourse scenes.

“When you view love scenes in a film, in a movie theater, you are feeling embarrassing, ” Timberlake states. “The actors feel embarrassing. Everyone’s embarrassing. Because beneath the stunning illumination and every thing, everyone included says, ‘Man, it never ever occurs that way! ‘”

“The excellence is really what constantly gets me personally, ” Kunis counters. “Movies always have that incorrect — perfect illumination, perfect figures, perfect roles. We have a tendency to forget that there is large amount of funny stuff continues on as soon as the clothes be removed. It is not always since and dried out once the films prefer to depict it. “

“truthfully, that’s one thing we desired to make use of our room scenes in this film for, to embrace all those situations that are awkward since they could be actually funny, ” Timberlake states. “specially if two different people are bantering forward and backward as to how embarrassing they truly are being. “

Maybe not that these were embarrassing as being a display screen few. Generally not very.

“Nothing states ‘trust’ a lot more than dozing down on your own co-star in the exact middle of a take, ” Kunis states, giggling.